With the increase in the usage of the mobile phones especially smartphones, there is also an increase in the Mobile App usage. Mobile Apps have become an integral part of all our lives. Most of the companies are now focusing on developing their own mobile Apps apart from having their own website. Developing a mobile App for your business is always a good business strategy but the question that arises is that whether to outsource a mobile App Developer or hire mobile app developer on a full-time basis. Now it is proven that outsourcing gives a better advantage than hiring a full-time developer. The decision is also based on the type of mobile App that needs to be developed.

Now the majority of the companies outsource mobile app developers from India. According to a survey, around 80% of the US and European companies chose India as their first outsource destination when it comes to developing mobile Apps.

There are various reasons behind the choice of decision. Let us elaborate on every reason very briefly.

  1. Cheap skilled labour: One of the major reasons for the companies outsourcing from India is due to cheap labour cost. India harbors some of the most and excellent skilled workers with the best of qualification and experience at a pretty cheap cost compared to the other countries. Therefore, companies save a lot of money when it comes to fixed cost. NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies) also reported that around half of the Fortune 500 companies outsource software development from India. Mobile App definitely comes under software development.
  2. Largest Talent Pool: India being the 2nd largest populated country in the world, there is no shortage of talented and skilled people. India is also known to be the second largest English speaking country. This is again an advantage, since English is the most commonly used language when it comes to doing business. This makes the outsourcing easy and there is very less communication gap. The quality of talent is up to the mark because of the increase in the top educational institutes.
  3. Large pool of HTML5 Developer: HTML5 is one such software development language that is compatible with all the major and reputed platforms such as the iOS, Android, and Windows. Hence, there is a heavy demand of HTML5 developers. India is known for its large pool of HTML5 developers and is known for their technical skills and practical knowledge.
  4. Offers a wide pricing spectrum: India is a large market when it comes to software development. There is a rise in the Information Technology companies. There is a good combination of large multinational companies to small-medium IT companies and startup companies. Hence, every company offers a different pricing which gives the international companies to choose from different pricing options. Every big or small software companies in India offer almost the same quality of service and excellent professional service to the clients.
  5. Round the clock availability: Indians are known to be hard workers and are ready to burn the midnight oil to impress the clients and to achieve the goals. Software people work in shifts in order to meet the demands of the International clients and their convenience.
  6. IT-friendly policies: The government of India has come up with a stable and pro IT governed policies that make a positive impact on the economy and the GDP growth. People working for international clients bring in more income which results in the growth of the economy. The government has offered different tax benefits that help the Indian software companies to attract more outsourcing business.
  7. Flexible workforce: If you as a company is not completely willing to outsource a mobile App developing company then you always have an option to outsource a freelancer who works on an individual level. There is always flexibility for the companies to choose their type of outsourcing based on the services and benefits they provide. There is no shortage of freelance mobile App developers in India. A lot of the software people prefer working on a freelance basis which gives them more money and the creativity to experiment with their skills and knowledge.
  8. Cultural benefits: The most creative and smart software developers are the young and generation Y people who are very open-minded and extrovert. These skills help them to come up with innovative and creative ideas for the mobile App which will work wonders.

These are some of the reasons or benefits as to why the International companies prefer outsourcing Mobile App Developer from India and not any other country. Every country has its pros and cons and so does India. But the beauty of it is that the companies are still willing to outsource from India because of its excellent professional service.